Alexander and Biancha work in the same traditional way as former furniture makers. In the studio you will not find any sandpaper. 'Sanding is disastrous for the patina of the wood', explains Alexander. 'It takes hundreds of years to get the beautiful tone of the furniture. The wood gets its unique patina through oxidation and coloring under the influence of UV radiation. I do not want to do that in one action. "Old paint and police strokes Alexander with alcohol. A time-consuming job. In addition, he only uses materials that the furniture maker also used at the time. Forged nails, bone glue - Alexander is averse to modern glues and chemicals - and preferably wood of the same age and design. 'It is often a huge quest to find the right piece of wood,' says Biancha. 'Restoring requires a lot of patience.’


Empire ladies writing desk with amarant, king wood, gilded brass and felt.
After we removed with alcohol the French polish, regilding the brass and renewed the felt, this museum piece was in mint condition again.

Total worn out French polish Woodworm and loss of veneer.