Tip 1: Ensure good humidity The optimum relative humidity in a room is between 65 and 75 percent for antiques. With a simple air humidification system in combination with a hygrometer you can keep the humidity level up to standard. Such a system is already available from € 80, -. A cup of water under a cupboard is not enough!

Tip 2: Not in direct sunlight The UV radiation of the sunlight fades. Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight. Diffuse light is best for your furniture.

Tip 3: No silicone-based cleaning agents Maintenance products such as the commonly used Pledge contain silicones. These particles migrate through the French polish, making it almost impossible to re-polish.

Tip 4: Put oak in the wash Use beeswax to protect oak. This cleans, protects and
preserves the wood. In addition, the drawing of the wood comes into its own best.

Tip 5: Give your masters 'antique training' Make clear to your interior decorator what you can and can not do in relation to your valuable furniture. A wrong means can have far-reaching consequences for your furniture.