Van Holthe Meubelrestauratie is a company that still works according to the old craft:

restoring with knowledge of antique furniture. This distinguishes it from many others. A very good price / product ratio and fast service means that many find their way to Van Holthe.

We work according to the principle that as much as possible the preservation of the original is paramount. This means that the patina (the natural dis-coloration of the wood) must absolutely be maintained, so sanding is excluded. Faded and yellowed French Polish is a form of overdue maintenance. Crimping cracks and warping also fall under this.

A good restoration can hardly be seen.

We only renew something if the part is  gone or missing.
The end result must look like the piece is well preserved, without any noticeable damage over time. With restoration it is important to know where one stops. The danger of too much restoration is always lurking. As soon as a piece of furniture looks too new, it has been restored too much.

That is our craft.
After a thorough restoration, an antique piece of furniture will have to last for another eighty years
Alexander and BianchaProprietors

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